Tashkent to Samarkand

In recent years, Uzbekistan has built an amazing and one of a kind in Central Asia fast railroad, about which it can feel so proud. The construction of this road made it really very easy for travelers to go by Tashkent to Samarkand route. It now takes just a coupl hours, which is half times shorter than it used to be earlier.

However, there are still some people, who would prefer the most difficult way possible to travel to the wonderful city of Samarkand – they just grab the bikes and start the journey with them! Sounds incredible? Then I woul recommend you to read about an awesome woman from Germany, who experience such unusual journey. Visit site in order to listen to that story from herself!


Mountainbiking is really awesome and at the same time very challenging. I believe that not everyone is brave enough to go for such sport, so now I would like to take time and say “Respect” to those, who do that!

This type of biking is pretty popular in Uzbekistan as well. Besides riding a bike for sightseeing in downtown Tashkent, many also explore the country’s mountains outside the city. Thanks to not very high mountains and comparedly smooth roads on them, bikers usually enjoy this experience so much!

The next capture from the bikers’ lives show that they had almost no difficulties on the ways of Uzbek mountains. They are driving as fast as possible and enjoying the moment!

Biking in Tashkent city

As many of you guys probably expected, we will start our bike journey from the capital of Uzbekistan – beautiful Tashkent city. In the previous post, I have mentioned about some negative comments some people have on Uzbekistan’s attitude for cycling. I also wanted to prove them wrong later on and here I go…

Did those people know that one of the most favorite and popular activity the people do in Tashkent, especially in the evenings? That is to go for biking! Since the city is incredibly hot in summer days, the best time to enjoy outside is evenings and that is when all the citizens are outside with their families and friends.

You may even wonder how could that be that so many of them own a bike! In fact, that is not necessarily their own bikes. In recent years, the bike rentals became very popular and people use that opportunity to spend active spare time!

Cycling in Uzbekistan

Hello everyone! Here is a new offer from me to you, guys: how would you like to try a new destination to explore with your favorite bikes? Hardly anyone would resist such a chance, right? So, let us get going! I would like you guy to go ahead and follow me to the Beauty of Central Asia – Uzbekistan!

They say the traffic is not really comfortable for bikers in Uzbekistan’s cities. There is said to be so many rules and restrictions that makes a person tired of owning a bike. However, why are all those rules for? Definitely for the safety of a person! The safer you are the longer you will ride, won’t you!

Mobile Planes!

Just take a look what kind of a huge difference it makes when you take those two wheels of a bike, attach the special wings and see what it turns into: the special mobile airplane! These words are not just the production of imagination, but the real fact!

Hang-gliders are those super cool objects, which set you free and take you off to the sky. There is no problem if you are master only in biking and nothing else: the instructors will always be there by your side as long as you wish so!

I have recently read about special camps for learning all typeps of “glides” for a week! That is pretty awesome and fun! This also means shooting two preys with one bullet: having fun at the peaceful camp in nature and learning how to fly! So, check out if there are any at your regions as well!

No need for Wings!

When do you not feel the need to have wings? Never? Well, try to remember, if you have tried something super extreme like snowboarding, then that was the time when you could feel like flying! Flying even faster and cooler than the eagle!

If you have no idea about that activity yet, then I would like to invite you to go ahead and check this video out:

Break from Bikes

It is true that there is not much we can do with our favorite bikes in winter. So it is sometimes better to give them a rest and find a good alternative to this transport. Today I would like to recommend one of those interesting choices you can make: go for snowmobiles!

Snowmobiles are super cool winter transports, which have the comfort of “Santa’s sleigh”, speed of motorbikes and the look of attractive cars! This all-in-one modern sleigh can not only make it easy to walk on the heavy snow, but also entertain the ones who are riding it really well!

You do not really have to own one in order to take a ride. Just check out the tours with snowmobiles and rent them for as much as you would like!

Back to safety tips

I watched such a breathtaking movie, which was in fact taken about 4-5 years before. “127 hours” is said to have taken bunch of awards, including the “Best Capture of the Year”, “Best Acting of the Year” and so on.

Anyways, this post is not really about how cool the movie is. There was one point that caught my attention. The main hero decides to take a bike tour to the canyons in Utah. Imagine, the one rides a bike on uneven roads of mountains and hills on his OWN! If you remember, in one of the earliest posts we discussed how important it is to have a fellow on any kind of tours just in case. It prevents some unlucky accidents and even of they do happen, there will be someone to support you.

I guess you pretty much understood what is gonna happen to the main hero. Let me not intrigue you much and just show you the actual trailer of the movie:

More on cycling in Rome…

I really hope you checked out the reviews about cycling in Rome from the last post. Today I decided to go further into this and in order to make the chocolate on the cake, here I found an amaaazing vidoe of how it looks and feels like to travel in Rome by bike!

Let me remind you guys that it is not that early to start planning new bike tours for spring and summer!

Top Bike Tours

Today I made a little research about which country takes the first place in its bike riding tours and the result was not really surprising – it said Rome, Italy!

Well, definitely, this huge museum under the sky provides any level of excitement to each traveler, no matter how they decide to travel: by car, by tourists’ bus or just on foot. And we all know that enjoying this city’s beauty on a bike is the best choice possible: stop wherever you want, do not suffer from traffic jams and keep in fit!

The review on the following web site show that Rome is amazing not only for its enchanting architecture and historical heritage, but also for the best bike-rental conditions!