Cycling around Kyrgyzstan

The nation of “cyclists” have always been the most impressive ones for me. They amaze me with their energy, patience and positive look into life. Today I would like to talk about one of those awesome cyclists I met.

That person is actually unknown for me, just like for you. It was one of those beautiful summer days when I was enjoying the mountain atmosphere in Kyrgyzstan. That time I was a bit lazy and took a tour on a mini bus with other tourists. There we met that young man from France. I would give him about 30 years according to his strong body and his beard, so I was shocked when we found that he was only 19!

We could see that he had been riding for pretty long – he looked really tired. When he got his map out and told us he was coming all the way from Bishkek city till Chichkan gorge, where we were standing, we were all knocked out! He was holding a map on his hand and his goal was to reach the southern part of the country only by bike! This is what I would call a bike hero!

Cycling in winter

It amazes me how people can be faithful to their hobbies! Chilling winter is here and the roads are covered with thick snow. However, for the real lover of cycling it is not an obstacle. Instead, he looks at it as a new enjoyable challenge!

This is what one of those great cyclists say: “I try not to give up riding my bike even on the snowy roads. It keeps me in fit, happy and out of traffic jams!” Honestly, there are so many advantages even in simply riding to the grocery store or to work. This saves your time and bunch of your nerves!

I recommend you to check out this source, which will give any bit of detail connected with winter cycling, starting from its advantages to how to get equipped properly for such activity.

Folding Bikes

Today we will get to know one of the best types of bikes ever on this planet! They are folding bikes – perfect option for those who prefer portability in their things.

It is so comfortable for the long trips, when you are on your own car and would not mind bike rides time to time on the short stops. The folding bikes do not take that much space from your car, which is one of its best advantages.

There are so many amazing companies that offer huge variety of bikes for professionals, amateurs and even kids. The prices can differ according to the quality and the place where it is produced. Visit site to take a look at one of those famous producers. It is important to keep in mind the road and weather conditions before choosing one as well.

Check out the following video, which will demonstrate 5 different folding-bikes, since it is better to see once than listening twice:

Choose Your Bike!

We have been discussing pretty fun activities with bikes so far. However, there is another good point, which would be pretty useful to check out. That is, how to choose a perfect bike for yourself! It is important especially for those, who are new in cycling and cannot decide how to make such decisions.

The first point that should be considered while choosing a bike should be whether you ride on the smooth surfaces or difficult trails. According to that you have the choice of simple road bikes that are lighter in weight or mountain bikes that can stand more pressure and challenges of the road.

There are also comfort or recreational bikes, that are very comfortable and easy to handle. They can guarantee extra smooth rides and are ideal for riding around neighborhoods and parks.

There are hundreds of other types, including racing bikes, women’s bikes and folding ones. We will be talking about them later on the next posts.

The more the merrier!

For true bikers, spending time with their lovely bikes at least a couple hours a day is the same need as sleeping, eating and breathing. This is the little piece of bikers’ life in Bishkek. The young people in the video are loyal to their hobbies of riding bikes and organize such bike rides pretty often. This bike ride is along the main streets of Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.


Just imagine, I am a bike lover and this is the reason why I cannot change my favorite bike to modern scooters or even cars. I just enjoy riding specifically a bike! But sometimes wish to have more speed and get more adrenaline. So what to do? To put an end to my stubbornness and try to buy something REALLY fast or get over my wishes? Guess there is no need to do so… :) Check this adorable smart e-bike out!!!

It is fast, energy saving, 0 omission and still gives a chance to exercise as every other day!


Stay Safe

I’ve recently read an article about the first aid to the bikers. The tips are very clear and effective but only if it is done by another person. So what if the biker is all alone in the middle of nothing? This convinced me that it is always better to have a fellow on the road instead of traveling alone.

For those, who follow that rule, here are some safety tips in order to help another the best way possible in case of emergency:

  • Stop.  Imagine that your friend just ran into the tree or just could not control the bike and fell. The first thing you need to do is to pause immediately and reach him safely, in order not to hurt hime even more. Ask if he is okay, whether he remember his name or not. If he answers clearly, then it is our first luck – he has no brain injury. Then start checking his other injuries.
  • Check if his neck hurts. Touch or push there and if it hurts, don’t move him. But if his neck feels fine, try to find out where it does hurt.
  • Shoulder pain. If you find out that his shoulder hurts when you touch and feel it is broken, use following method: Have him hold his arm against his torso wherever it’s comfortable (with the elbow bent at about 90 degrees), then immobilize the arm by pulling the bottom of his jersey up and over his forearm and elbow; use safety pins to hold it in place. Then tie arm warmers or a jacket around his body to hold his upper arm against his torso, and start walking.
  • Do not hurry to walk! If your friend looks pale and is not strong enough to walk, then first of all  make him lie down, elevate his feet and keep him warm (to ward off shock). Wait until he’s feeling well enough to walk, then slowly help him up.
  • Basic kit. Check out the following must-have things for the first aid: Band-Aids, ibuprofen, duct tape, Benadryl (for bee stings and allergic reactions) and safety pins,

Prepare for bike tours!

After little war-ups in downtown, let us now get some really big bike tour started! All you need is bike and ready to go!…Hm, no, not really…

There are some points that are important to keep in mind before the actual trip. For instance, choosing the right time to start off means a lot! Try not to plan any trip on March-May and October-November, since they are the rainiest months in Kyrgyzstan. The temperature is cold on the mountains even in summer months.

Mountainous regions are not really rich with hotels, but there are many friendly local families, who already got used to providing accommodations for tourists. The prices are usually much cheaper than hotels. It will give a nice chance to taste real Kyrgyz family life!

Finding food will not be difficult, thanks to the local markets filled with fresh fruit and veggies, dairy products, etc.

The last but not least, be ready that only 30% of roads in Kyrgyzstan are paved!


No bike? No problem!

There is no way to find a reason not to live an active and healthy life in Kyrgyzstan. The country does not have any subways or other facilities as metropolitans do, so the citizens can walk and move around more. Most part of products and drinks sold in the country are still healthy without much chemicals. In addition to all of this, there are enough fitness clubs and sport complexes for those who do care about their health and staying fit. AND, the cyclists like me also can find what to do! No problem, even if they were not able to bring their bikes along!

The main square of Bishkek city is always filled with cheerful youth and elders in the evenings. Beautiful fountains in the center both entertain people with dances and keep them cool in hot weather. Kids and young people have pretty big space to skate, run around or cycle. But what if one has neither a bike, nor a skateboard to enjoy together with them? In Bishkek, it is not a problem either!

You will see hundreds of bikes right in the center of a square waiting for you! The bikes are there for rent, so get one and ride it as much as you want!


Fun doesn’t mean expensive!

What I love about bikes is that you do not even have to spend for gas to travel somewhere even pretty far! Just need to choose the right place to travel, in order not to harm neither yourself, nor the bike and get going.

The video below showed the type of places I love going for cycling so much! They are the long long ways between mountains, which gives both, the freshness and beautiful view to enjoy your ride! No wonder that the place here is Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, which already got famous for its huge variety of mountain regions.