Prepare for bike tours!

After little war-ups in downtown, let us now get some really big bike tour started! All you need is bike and ready to go!…Hm, no, not really…

There are some points that are important to keep in mind before the actual trip. For instance, choosing the right time to start off means a lot! Try not to plan any trip on March-May and October-November, since they are the rainiest months in Kyrgyzstan. The temperature is cold on the mountains even in summer months.

Mountainous regions are not really rich with hotels, but there are many friendly local families, who already got used to providing accommodations for tourists. The prices are usually much cheaper than hotels. It will give a nice chance to taste real Kyrgyz family life!

Finding food will not be difficult, thanks to the local markets filled with fresh fruit and veggies, dairy products, etc.

The last but not least, be ready that only 30% of roads in Kyrgyzstan are paved!


No bike? No problem!

There is no way to find a reason not to live an active and healthy life in Kyrgyzstan. The country does not have any subways or other facilities as metropolitans do, so the citizens can walk and move around more. Most part of products and drinks sold in the country are still healthy without much chemicals. In addition to all of this, there are enough fitness clubs and sport complexes for those who do care about their health and staying fit. AND, the cyclists like me also can find what to do! No problem, even if they were not able to bring their bikes along!

The main square of Bishkek city is always filled with cheerful youth and elders in the evenings. Beautiful fountains in the center both entertain people with dances and keep them cool in hot weather. Kids and young people have pretty big space to skate, run around or cycle. But what if one has neither a bike, nor a skateboard to enjoy together with them? In Bishkek, it is not a problem either!

You will see hundreds of bikes right in the center of a square waiting for you! The bikes are there for rent, so get one and ride it as much as you want!


Fun doesn’t mean expensive!

What I love about bikes is that you do not even have to spend for gas to travel somewhere even pretty far! Just need to choose the right place to travel, in order not to harm neither yourself, nor the bike and get going.

The video below showed the type of places I love going for cycling so much! They are the long long ways between mountains, which gives both, the freshness and beautiful view to enjoy your ride! No wonder that the place here is Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia, which already got famous for its huge variety of mountain regions.


Bicycle and Me

Me and  bicycle – best friends forever!  I am with it since I know myself! I think cycling is the most useful, the funnest and after all the best thing you can do when you get bored. Whenever they ask me what to do on free time, what I always say is definitely this – go biking! It may not sound good for everyone, but hey, do not hurry to judge early!
To make the cycling experience even more memorable, there came out so many special bike tours you can take, thanks to the tour companies. It’s called “Shooting two rabbits with one bullet”! Enjoy visiting brilliant places and do an excellent exercise on weekends! I believe it’s worth trying for everyone!

Bicycle vacations